Let’s choose together a logo for the “LIFE for Lesser Kestrel” project!

Dec. 14, 2020
Hello friends of the Lesser Kestrel, once again we need your help!

After we couldn’t choose a logo for the “LIFE for Lesser Kestrel” project for a long time, our team is now hesitating between two options, which we chose amongst dozens of suggestions

We would be glad, if you help us by voting for one of the logos HERE by 20 December. Your opinion is important for us, because the logo with the most votes will be the choice we have made together.
Thank you!
 The Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni, Fleischer, 1818) is a small falcon, useful in assisting humans in fighting pests in agricultural territories. Once considered to be one of the most numerous birds of prey in Europe, today, as a result of the intensification of agriculture, the abandonment of agricultural land, the loss of nesting sites and the intensive application of pesticides, its future is uncertain. The Lesser Kestrel is strongly attached to the agri-ecological landscape, demonstrating strong preference to extensively managed grain crops and pastures, subject of intensive grazing or other similar practices. The species is mainly insectivorous, opportunist, capable of using wide range of prey both on the ground and in the air.