More than 30 people responded back to the challenge for a logo and a slogan to the project “Life for Lesser Kestrel” LIFE 19 NAT/BG/001017

Dec. 04, 2020
On 30th November, 2020 ended the contest about a logo and a slogan upon the latest project at Green Balkans – Life for Lesser Kestrel.  

More than 30 people took part in the challenge and the total number of the sent projects were more than 60!  

We appreciate it to all for the paid attention, and for trusted us, for the dedicated time and labour.
Sadly, our team did not come to a consensus and there was no winner! There were lots of interesting and innovative images, some of them were very close to our logo vision. There were lots of very nice messages too, lots of wishes to the team and lots of kind words about our work.
Thank you everybody for joining to the big family friends of the Lesser Kestrel – this tiny but very useful bird!