New home for the Lesser kestrels

Jan. 26, 2021
Recently, the team of the “LIFE for Lesser Kestrel” project at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre has taken up the task to reorganize one of the current aviaries of the Lesser kestrel into something other than home for small falcons!

If you want to know why we will have to tell you a little bit more about our project activities.
The Lesser kestrels who will soon be accommodated in this “modernized” aviary are basically a „swing” away from freedom. This will be one of the last shelters for them before they fly out freely into the sky. They were hatched last year at the Rescue Centre and they are already adult birds. Freeing one-year Lesser kestrels is a new method that our team will implement for the first time in the species recovery methods.

That’s why we have to prepare the birds for the upcoming breeding season. Right there comes the “special” aviary equipped with the 3 types of artificial nestlings which our team will place in the vicinity, where the falcons are to be freed.

The goal is clear- for the birds to get used to them, to recognize them as places where they can grow their hatchlings, and when they see them in the wild – to recognize and use them.

However, there is still a lot of time until then. Loads of work is still expecting us and we will certainly keep you informed about it. This way, together, we will monitor the development of the proceedings under this uneasy task ahead of our team!