A new web site of Green Balkans will inform you about our efforts to recover the Lesser kestrel in Bulgaria.

Jan. 20, 2021
Since the beginning of the year, we can boast on the brand-new web site of Green Balkans, which will inform you about our efforts to save the scarce Lesser kestrel population in Bulgaria.

Starting with what a “Lesser kestrel” is, going through the long-lasting efforts of Green Balkans for the recovery of the species in Bulgaria, until up-to-date information about the “LIFE for Lesser Kestrel” project LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 team and the activities related to the preservation of the species in the country and at this moment, all this, together with lots of photos, video material, and interesting details, you can find HERE.

Different options for those who want to help our team in this uneasy mission are also available on this site. One of them is by donating 1 Bulgarian lev via an SMS to number 17 777 with text DMS SOKOL.