On 24th September 2020 with “The Living Exhibition”, we celebrate the international day of the Green Belt.

Sep. 18, 2020
The project team “Life for lesser kestrel“ LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 of Green Balkans and the Historical museum of Svilengrad are going to organize an exhibition, dedicated to the International day of the Green Belt. The official opening is on 24th September, 2020 at 11 o’clock in the Historical museum of Svilengrad!

We named the event “The Living Exhibition” because with the help of some models of some thematic species including the already known emblem of Sakar region, the Lesser kestrel. We are going to try to tell to our guests about the 12 500 km corridor called the Green Belt and its important role for the biodiversity.

“The Enliven Exhibition“ is part of an international European Green Belt initiative and it makes popular the efforts to conservate the rare birds inhabiting the cross-borders regions of the three neighborhood Balkan countries - Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. The exhibition represent models of rare birds in their full size and colouring as they are hand-made by a designer. Only artificial materials have been used to create them and no life creatures have been injured. “The Enliven Exhibition” is dedicated to the international Green Belt day, traditionally it is celebrated on 24th September. In 2019 were celebrated 30 years since the beginning of the European Green Belt initiative. 

The European Green Belt – it was founded in the border regions between a few countries that seem to be on both sides of the so called Iron Curtain not long ago from the past, there are vast territories with conservated nature and biodoversity. Due to the limited access to these territories, the strict control and not so rare the geagraphical isolation of the border territories too, they conservated some key habitats, rare and endangered species and breath taking views. These regions are united from the European Green Belt initiave. It forms 12 500 km long pan-European ecological corridor along the former Iron curtain from Barents sea in the North to the Adriatic sea and to the Black sea in the southeastern Europe.

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