Logo and Slogan Contest is opened, necessary for the project “New Life for Lesser Kestrel” LIFE 19/NAT/BG/001017

Oct. 23, 2020
This year, we from Green Balkans start a new project that will continue our activities upon the reintroduction of the Lesser Kestrel in Bulgaria! And quite logically, the project needs a logo and a slogan!
This time we decided to appeal to you with a request for help. It is not a must to be a professional designer to enter the contest! We are looking forward to receiving any suggestions from anybody who has got a bright idea.
Please send anything that crosses your minds to, the deadline is on 30-th November, 2020.
The contest is a Non-Commercial, BUT... the winner will get a reward - it is a two-day trip for two persons to Sakar region in Bulgaria to enjoy the beauty of the wild Lesser Kestrels, the transport and accommodation costs are going to be on our account!
Here are some guidelines:
- Green Balkans and the Wildlife Rescue Centre work together for the reintroduction of the Lesser Kestrel for more than 6 years - HERE you can get familiar with our work up to now;
- the project we are working on at the moment is in a partnership with the Republic of Greece - HERE you can find more details;
 - it is a good idea the slogan and the logo to be brief and clear ...;
- please send whatever occurs to your minds … nobody knows which idea “is going to amaze” :-);
- we will encourage to send electronic versions of your projects in vector formats - this is going to help us a lot if we choose exactly your idea;
 - you can send either a logo or a slogan...!
The winner logo will be used on all informational materials, that are going to be generated during the project and will be used for different purposes such as on all printed matters, advertising and electronic projects that are going to be published at the social medias and on the official website of the association.

NB!! Our important condition- all rights on the logo and on the slogan will be reserved for Green Balkans - Federation of Nature Conservation NGOS - Stara Zagora!!!
We are looking forward to receiving your ideas and we are going to be very grateful for this!!!!!
If you are interested in Green Balkans, our work, mission and priorities you can read more HERE
For further details, please contact to:
Hristina Klisurova, PR- Specialist,
Project “New Life for Lesser Kestrel” LIFE 19/NAT/BG/001017
Tel: +359 (0) 886570053, e-mail: