Environmental Centre in Levka village

In the past, this was the main place under the project for the recovery of Lesser kestrels in Bulgaria and the first one in the country in which the species successfully nested after decades of them being absent in our nature. Now the Cent rе is rather an educational facility and an observation site for wild Lesser kestrels.
The Center is located in a former agricultural building at the beginning of Levka village, situated in the Sakar protected area which is a part of the NATURA 2000 environmental network.

Over the years, the Center has become a specific emblematic place related to the efforts of the environmentalists to recover the extinct species in Bulgaria. It is well known by amateur ornithologists and environmentalists far beyond Bulgarian borders.
For the students and teachers from the local schools, this is a place for getting to know wildlife and nature, as well as an educational center for nature conservation.

At the Environmental Center, a team of experts and volunteers of Green Balkans take part in various activities, such as:
  • Popularizing the activities, goals, and results of the “LIFE for Lesser Kestrel” project and the European Union’s program LIFE;
  • Organizing and conducting informational and educational activities focusing on environmental protection among local people, visitors, students, and youth;
  • Working with local structures -       administration and farmers in order to improve their environmental knowledge;
  • Supporting and managing  the Lesser Kestrel Release and Adaptation Module in Levka      ;
  • Monitoring and research of biodiversity;
  • Conservation of rare and protected species,      and natural habitats;
And many more      .…

For the visitors
  • To its visitors, the Center offers free activities such as:
  • Observation of Lesser kestrels and other rare birds from the region;
  • Presenting various decorative nest box models, models of Lesser kestrels and their eggs;
  • Diorama with the hunting and nesting habitats of the Lesser kestrels, as well as other species typical for the region: species like Eastern imperial eagle, European ground squirrel, etc.
  • Thematical lectures about the biodiversity of a protected area       “Sakar”;
  • Video surveillance of the colony of Lesser kestrels;
  • Videos and films on environmental protection;
  • Information materials and souvenirs;
  • Organic action of extracurricular activities for students related to environmental protection;
  • Conservation brigades;
  • Educational activities for kids and teenagers;
  • Work with volunteers and trainees;
  • Instructions for working with binoculars, visual tubes, field determiner and other specialized equipment;
  • Each visitor can use free viewing devices and territory determiners of the Center.
Contact information:
Levka village, Svilengrad municipality
Mobile: +359 (0) 885 609 289
Е-mail: ggradev@greenbalkans.org

GPS Coordinates: 41°52`17``N; 26°15`29``E