The project



Better Life for Lesser Kestrel in South-East Balkans LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017
Project acronym: LIFE for Lesser Kestrel LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017


Bulgaria – All regions; Greece – Anatoliki Makedonia, Thraki Kentriki Makedonia,Thessalia


Start: 01/09/2020  -  End: 01/09/2025


Coordinating Beneficiary:  Green Balkans Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Associated Beneficiaries: Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, Greece; University of Thessaly (Laboratory of Ecosystem and Biodiversity Management), Greece.


Key nature protection objectives:
  • Improve the species conservation status in BG  & GR (especially in N2K), also in SE Balkans.
  • Strengthen, stabilize and increase the new LK colony  in BG, to assist the natural expansion and re-colonisation.
  • Demonstrate and encourage the sustainable arable land management of foraging habitats of the LK in BG.
  • Replicate, develop & improve the best LK reinforcement practices in BG & GR, as well as transfer in EU & non-EU states, and further LIFE projects.

The overall goal is to expand the nesting distribution of LK:
  • Existence of independent colonies;
  • Strengthen the colonies in Greece;
  • Improve the capacity and knowledge;
  • Cooperation & networking – LK Balkan Expert Group.


Conservation actions:
  • Increased 2 LK colonies, 1 new colony established, and 1 new colony discovered (>50 pairs total in BG). This way, the population in SE Bulgaria will be sustainably increased;
  • Captive breeding flock, facilities and capacity established at the WRBC of Green Balkans in Stara Zagora, BG;
  • Reinforcement experience from BG transferred to GR: a LK release facility to be constructed in Northern GR.
  • Links among the populations – satellite telemetry.
  • 15 ha of land purchased in BG; LK-friendly agriculture management practices introduced in Northeastern GR.

Communication and replication actions:
  • Project related university theses & trainings in BG;
  • 10 ,000 visitors at the WRBC & 1,500 visitors at the LK RA Module;
  • 5 thematic days & 5 “Green Farmer” Awards in BG;
  • 75 volunteers & 100 representatives of institutions trained in BG;
  • Lesser Kestrel Balkan Expert Group set up.